Appointment Booking

Booking your appointment at EquiBreed NZ is so easy!

Simply select the type of appointment you would like from the menu below. You will then be guided through to make your booking. On completion you will receive an emailed confirmation.

  1. Mare Appointment Online Booking System

    If you cannot find a suitable appointment time, please call the office on 07 870 1845 during office hours for assistance.

  2. Stallions
    1. Please phone 07 870 1845 to book stallion semen collection appointments which are available at either 9.00 – 9.30am and again at 1.00 – 2.00pm.
    2. We will need 24h notice to arrange logistics for semen collection and shipping.
    3. Please complete one Stallion Booking Form for your stallion every year.
  3. Semen request form online
    1. Online Request Form for Semen
  4. EquiBreed NZ Terms and conditions
    1. Terms and Conditions