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$43.75 50ml Semen Tubes (pack of 25)
$63.50 AI Pipette 22" (pack of 25)
$70.25 AI pipettes sterile individually wrapped (pack of 25)
P.O.A. Artificial vagina - Missouri AV 16, 19 or 22"
$55.00 AV Cleaner (500g) use 9g per 3L wash
$29.00 Botusemen Gold sachet (for 100ml)
P.O.A. Cytology slides (prestained)
$9.00 Disposable Pipette 3ml (pack of 20)
$141.85 In Preg Mate 750g
$3,162.50 iSperm portable microscope (excluding iPad Mini 4)
$862.50 iSperm sampling chips (x500)
$310.84 L-carnitine 1100g (Stallion fertility supplement)


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Welcome to the first frozen embryo foal born in New Zealand - by Orame VDL for East Coast Performance Horses. Embryo freezing is now a reality in New Zealand! This option opens up so many opportunities for our breeders. Embryo freezing means that we can collect and freeze the embryo while your mare is in competition or still at home with its foal. The embryo can be "made at EquiBreed NZ" or shipped to EquiBreed NZ. The surrogate mare can be organised at a time that suits the breeder and only one surrogate (recipient) mare is needed for each embryo instead of the 2 mares that we traditionally set up. This saves the breeder lots of money! It is also possible to include embryo freezing in fertility programmes for tricky mares or late foaling mares. So you can freeze embryos anytime between Sept - May to fit in with your busy schedule and then transfer them into a surrogate this season or next season. Contact Dr Lee Morris to discuss how this new technology works for you.

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