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50ml Semen Tubes (pack of 25) $43.75
AI Pipette 22" (pack of 25) $32.25
AI pipettes sterile individually wrapped (pack of 25) $70.25
Artificial vagina - Missouri AV 16, 19 or 22" P.O.A. $0.00
AV Cleaner (500g) use 9g per 3L wash $55.00
Botusemen Gold sachet (for 100ml) $29.00
Cytology slides (prestained) P.O.A. $0.00
Disposable Pipette 3ml (pack of 20) $9.00
Equiplus 100ml $36.00
Equiplus Sachet (for 100ml) $22.00
In Preg Mate 750g $141.85
iSperm portable microscope (excluding iPad Mini 4) $3,162.50


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